Welcome to Salal Class!

Dear Salal Families,

Ellie and I are very excited to see you in person soon. We have both been having busy, yet relaxing summers. The other day we met on our bicycles and rode to Winslow together. We had a great time and excitedly talked about all our ideas for this year. I miss her (and the comforting routine of school). She travelled Portugal in June and will be dropping her daughter off for her first year of college in Boston. I have been visiting family in California and I am currently in Los Angeles visiting my daughter. She recently graduated from California State University, Northridge and is finishing a summer internship before she moves home. Watching her graduate was one of the most profound things I have witnessed as a parent, I wish I could tell you to prepare for your children’s futures… All I can say is “ride the wave,”  savor the small successes, and find humor where you can.

Ellie and I are part of your team/village. Open, on-going, candid conversations are what we strive for with families. We are always a phone call away. Each school year is a little different and we anticipate this one to be freeing and less restrictive as COVID becomes more manageable. Our goal is to give each student the freedom and autonomy to thrive independently with peers to guide. As teachers we watch, build rapport, and guide them to friends and activities that will serve them as they develop.

Playdates, and park meetings, are a great way to solidify friendships outside the classroom. This always translates well inside the classroom. Many families migrate toward Battlepoint Park playground for continued play. Room reps set up playdates and parties for children and adults. Room reps are wonderful resources for information or questions you may have. It looks like they have arranged playdates already! I rely on the room reps to introduce new families to Montessori Country School culture (Thank you Jesse and Esther!)

Sometimes children (or parents) are shy about coming to school for the first time. Feel free to use the playground whenever you want. You can call the office and we can arrange a quiet introduction to the classroom and to Ellie and me. If you are one of those parents who like to volunteer in the classroom, let us know. After students establish that this classroom is theirs, there will be opportunities for me to recruit you to come in.

As the summer winds up, our excitement grows!

Cheryl and Ellie


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