"What a wonderful learning atmosphere our children thrived in during their first years at MCS. We know that our children learned not only the rudiments of academics, but more importantly, the sense of community, the feeling of awe and wonder, and “the love of learning.” We could go on and on about the many attributes of the Montessori education but what the boys gained from their time at MCS had more to do with the school and atmosphere, your leadership, the teachers, and other students and parents. In other words, you created a “village” to help raise our children."
- S.C. & E.C., Alum Parents

Parents as Teachers

MCS parents and staff are partners in the journey of supporting the children on their path to becoming.  We hold a common bond in our commitment to the values and goals of an excellent Montessori education. Together, we work to support the children and families that make up our community.

In this setting, close bonds are formed between families, students, and the staff.  Respect for one another is at the heart of all we do. Our community is founded on the of values respect, inclusion, honesty, and a commitment to being an active participant in the community.

The items below outline ways in which we encourage participation and partnership at MCS.

Parent and child sorting objects together
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