Welcome to the Maple Class!

Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year! We are thrilled to meet our 1st  years on September 6th, and to bring everyone back together on September 7th. We have been planning activities with the Madrona class and are excited for a fun first couple weeks of school getting to know each other. Please feel free to email Quibs at: quibs@mcsbi.org and Joelle at: joelle.cowan@mcsbi.org.

From Joelle:

Wow! My summer ended up feeling like it was spilling over with fun and satisfaction. My main priority was spending time with family and friends, and I succeeded! I swam in Blakely Harbor, walked to town and back so many times, took a tiny road trip to the Dosewallips River, and flew to New York to help my daughter move back to Washington for her next adventure. We also went to the Kitsap County Fair and Emerald City Comic Con as our final summer adventures. What a summer!

As we slide into fall, Quibs and I are putting the finishing touches on the classroom and getting ready to welcome you all to a brand new year of learning, exploration, and community. I can’t wait to see you all!

From Quibs:

Hey Friends!  I have missed all of you dearly over the summer.  I enjoyed my run-ins with a handful of you at Scrappy summer camps, swim lessons, as well as out and about on the island.  My summer was filled with activity at Scrappy, in the pool, moving, and twice as much activity on a near month long road trip to east Texas and back with my partner.  We had so much fun rock hounding in the deserts of Moab, west Texas, Colorado, and the lakes of Montana.

I’m so excited to share with all of you the rocks, fossils, and books I gathered throughout my journeys.  Joelle, Molly, and I look forward to sharing new adventures with y’all this year!

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