Welcome to the Maple Class!

Dear Maple Families,

Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year! We are thrilled to meet our big group of new students on September 5th from 9-10am for orientation, and to bring everyone back together on September 6th. We have been planning activities with the Madrona class and are excited for our launch into the year and getting to know each other.

From Joelle:
This summer was a great mix of family and learning. I spent 5 weeks in Spokane getting more Montessori training, which left me with so many new ideas that I’m happy to bring back to our classroom. My family was able to come visit me there, and we discovered the Spokane River, an excellent splash playground, a great trampoline park, and some decent food, too! We also visited our eldest kid in Bellingham, and found the same kinds of fun could be had there, too!
As we fly into fall, Katie, Cley, and I are putting the finishing touches on the classroom and getting ready to welcome you to a whole new year of learning, exploration, and community. I can’t wait to see you all!

From Cley:
My summer was full of community building and outdoor recreation. I spent a weekend camping on the Key Peninsula, saw orcas and a humpback while whale watching in the San Juan Islands, and went for regular swims at my favorite beach in Suquamish. My loved ones and I also spent lots of intentional time together and celebrated one another at Tacoma Pride. I’m excited for the school year and looking forward to getting to know everyone!

From Katie:
This year, my summer was full of adventures and excitement. I went on my first solo backpacking trip with my son in the Olympics, kayaked in the bioluminescence off Port Gamble, and became a chicken mother to six sweet chicks (they grow up so fast!). While summer was wonderful, I’m excited to start the school year and get to know you all!

Looking forward to seeing you all,
Joelle, Cley, & Katie

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