Spruce Class January Update

Hello Spruce Families!

Wow, what a cold start to the new year! The children definitely enjoyed the freezing weather, finding all the ice on the playground and noticing the changes that occur when the temperature gets that low. We had many conversations about cold weather, dressing for the elements, and how different animals adapt to low temperatures. Did you know that reptiles experience brumation? Similar to mammals hibernating, brumating reptiles may stir occasionally to drink water, but can go months without food to conserve energy! In January we began our Peacemakers study with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and had conversations about what it means to “fight” for peace and stand up for what is right. The elders in the classroom have also begun their cosmic addresses, figuring out where they are in our world and beyond. While most of this is completely abstract, we are starting with what they know (themselves, their home, etc) and moving outward to help solidify just how big our universe is!

The children who stay for Lunch have begun taking turns with the Sharing Basket, with the Kinders showing how to take the stage, share about their most precious thing, and take questions/comments afterward. I’ve had conversations with the children about who will be bringing the Sharing Basket next and that it is that person’s special day to bring in a special item and asked all others to keep toys at home until it is their turn. You can support your child by checking that they’re not bringing items to school unless they have the Sharing Basket to put it in. As always, artwork for friends and books are highly encouraged!

Children at this age are exploring different ways to connect with their peers and be a part of this community and a great way to tick both of those boxes is by helping our classroom with several needs that are ongoing throughout the year. This is also an excellent way to model taking care of our planet by recycling/reusing things that you might usually just throw away! Set these aside and offer for your child to bring them in – any and all would be greatly appreciated!

  • Plastic produce bags
  • Used and rinsed gallon ziploc bags
  • Toilet paper and paper towel tubes
  • Flowers for flower arranging
  • Used coffee grounds
  • Rinsed egg shells
  • Envelopes

Thank you for being a part of this community! So glad that it has finally warmed up a bit and we’re back to regularly scheduled (wet!) programming.

Amy Glen
Spruce Guide

“Within the child lies the fate of the future.” – Maria Montessori

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