Spruce Class February Update

Dear Spruce Families,

What a crazy short month we’ve had this February, especially with illness and Mid-Winter Break thrown in as well! This month the Spruce classroom welcomed our newest student, Trevi, and the children have been so excited to meet her and show her everything about our classroom. It is always fun to watch the children showing her around and to hear my words coming out of their mouths as they tell her the rules of the classroom. We continued parent observations this month (please reach out to the office if you still need to schedule time before conferences) and it’s always fascinating to me to observe the children and how they react when their family is in the classroom. This year the children have almost entirely done the opposite of my predictions: those who I think will stay close to a parent have been busy little bees and those who I think will be busy bees have stayed close to their parents. I always try to remind parents that what they observe is but a snippet of their child’s time in the classroom – sometimes observing other children will give you a better picture of your child’s day-to-day experience! The classroom elders have been working hard on their cosmic addresses and will next be diving into how clocks work and learning to tell time. I am looking forward to talking all about your children at conferences on March 14 and 15!

Amy Glen
Spruce Guide

“Within the child lies the fate of the future.” – Maria Montessori

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