Snow Policy

Generally MCS will follow Bainbridge Island School closures as announced on most major radio and TV stations with the following considerations:

  • If Bainbridge schools are closed, MCS will be closed.
  • If Bainbridge schools are running 1 hour late, Children’s House morning classes will begin at 9:15, Elementary classes will begin at 9:00.
  • If Bainbridge schools are running 2 hours late, MCS will start 1.5 hours late and will hold all classes. Arrival times: Elementary 9:30-9:45, Primary 9:40-9:55, Toddler 10:00. Dismissal will be at the regular time.

With many of our faculty living off-island, a part of our decision to hold classes will be based on their ability to get to the school. 

In the event we make a decision other than the above we will make every effort to notify parents by phone.  Please be sure to advise your child’s room rep and the school office if your phone number has changed.

If snow begins during class time and conditions are expected to deteriorate, parents will be called and asked to pick up their children early. If you are not by your phone and it begins to snow, please call the school or come early in case of early dismissal.

Release of Children in Case of Early Dismissal

If it is necessary to close school early, parents will be called to pick up their children. Children will be released to the parent, their regular carpool driver, or another person designated by the parent unless specific instructions have been given at the time we contact the parent by phone. If a child is not picked up in a reasonable amount of time and neither parents nor carpool drivers can be reached, MCS staff will try to contact those authorized to pick up the child on the Student Information and Emergency Form.

In the unusual event we cannot make contact with any of those designated by the parents, and we are unable to be in contact with a parent, an MCS staff member may stay at the school with the child, or in an extreme case, take the child to his/her home. In this extreme case, if we are unable to contact you, a note indicating where your child is will be left at the front of the school.


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