Salal Class October Update

Dear Salal Families,

October is a good month in the classroom. Fall colors, crisp air, and the normalcy of school allows for lots of growth. The children are comfortable and confident in their classroom and Ellie and I are able to observe as they independently make numerous choices without the interference of an adult. That is not to say we stand around! I plan individual and small group lessons before they arrive each day. When the opportunity arises, we gather for a lesson. With lots of lessons under their belts by this time of the year, children have many choices: work alone or with friends while working with numbers, paint, drawing, or gluing, practical life, sensorial work, eating snack, learning letter sounds or writing, bird watching, looking through books, or more.It is a dynamic space. We are learning Halloween songs and rhymes.

In November we will continue our bird studies. We will also focus on grace and courtesy and some cooking activities. We will be outside watching how animals and trees prepare for colder weather and shorter daylight hours. Mittens, hats, scarves, and umbrellas are all welcome. Students have been enjoying helping each other out with coat zippers and shoes before getting outside and exploring.

Kindergarteners are participating in a Writers Workshop three days a week, as well as art and music specialists once a week, and Outdoor Education. It has been delightful to watch new friendships form, and old friends get a chance to see one another. I enjoy gleaning teaching ideas from Mary and Amy, while sharing my ideas.

Ellie and I look forward to seeing you at conferences.


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