Salal Class November Update

Dear Salal Families,

MCS is all about birds! Did you know that children have access to the outside during our morning work cycle? We have bird feeders out, fresh water, and binoculars. We are able to identify several regular visitors. The most exciting visitor has been a Pileated Woodpecker. Most of the class was able to tiptoe outside before he flew away – quite an accomplishment. We also see nuthatches, chickadees, juncos, toehees, and finches.

Many things in our classroom revolve around birds: songs, dances, counting birds, eggs, art projects, science (characteristics of birds), and imaginary play. Our kindergarteners are making their own field guides. Students can make “parts of a bird” book and several have already done so. Is your child talking about birds at home? This would be a great time to pause and appreciate birds with your child or children.

How was your Thanksgiving? I went to Shirley’s house (retired MCS teacher) with Karla and enjoyed The National Dog Show with her dogs. I ate too much. Ellie hosted with her family and her daughter, Rose, came home to celebrate from college in Boston.

Every class has its own culture. We have a classroom full of eager learners who are always looking for new challenges. Friendships are still being established for some and others are learning how to express their needs clearly, yet respectfully. Our youngest students are very comfortable in all areas of the classroom, are gaining independence, and watch older students do more challenging work. The “middle age” children surprise themselves (and Ellie and me) daily with the skills they have, and they are very hard workers. Our kindergarteners are always busy! They are very social and set goals for themselves without much nudging from me. It’s amazing to watch all the age groups work magically together in our little classroom.

If you have any interests in birds – or a good children’s book – and want to come into the classroom, let me know.  Our class is ready.

Please always feel free to call me. If I am teaching, I can call afterwards or the next day. Thursday afternoons from 1-2:45 is my prep time and the best time to reach me. But call anytime and leave a message on the answering machine or email. I am best on the phone or in person, yet I do check emails daily.

Thank you for sending your children ready for the weather and for being vigilant about keeping the class healthy!

Cheryl and Ellie

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