Salal Class April Update

Dear Salal Families,

We enjoyed Earth Day at Montessori Country School as a whole school community. We made a tunnel with fern fronds, insect finger puppets, explored the nature trail, explored biomes, planted giant sunflowers, and made a lifecycle of the butterfly We also ate rocks, sticks, and a worm! We sang songs and listened to poetry from upper elementary students. We have been focusing on the wonders of nature and signs of spring in the classroom.

With spring comes more daylight! I love this, yet it is more and more challenging to go to bed on time, eat at regular times and balanced meals, and take care of my mind and spirit. Your children may be feeling the same excitement as me. When children are tired in class they tend to get more and more active. Along with feeling confident, independent, and secure in our class, students are seeking excitement and, possibly, “pushing boundaries.” For example: running inside, taking another snack, yelling across the room, or drawing on tables. Ellie and I are okay with that. Why? This group of students is special. They are empathetic, verbal, and independent problem solvers. We do our best to step back and allow them to have the freedom to be young children in a safe environment, independent of adult interruptions with a few reminders of how we need to work to support each other and our class. Sometimes that works, sometimes it does not. If you get reports at home, and it’d be helpful for us to know, please call.

We still have a goal to study marine life. Currently, we are riding the wave of TRAVEL. Why do we travel? Where do we travel? How do we travel? I am planning a trip to Germany. The children are coming along. I will visit friends and family. I will be traveling via bicycle down the Elbe river. The children are making flags of Germany, identifying neighboring countries, and labeling the rivers of Germany. Next: we pack.

The end of the year comes with big feelings. Several students have visited their new schools. This bitter-sweet time can be bumpy for students and teachers. Ellie and I are confident that this group of students have worked hard all year and we have confidence they are prepared for their new roles.

Cheryl and Ellie

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