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Our Primary Program

Primary Program: (3-6 Year Olds)

Visitors to the program will notice a calm hum of activity. Children of mixed ages are learning and growing together - counting, scrubbing tables, feeding the fish, writing stories, creating art, singing songs - finding ways to engage in learning that is as natural as breathing.

The Primary program includes The Kindergarten Year

The Environment

The primary classrooms are dynamic, wonder-filled spaces that are designed to meet the needs of the young child.  The classrooms are beautifully prepared, keeping in mind the child’s emotional, social, physical, and intellectual development.  We address the child’s need for beauty, order, movement, independence, and the freedom to make choices and discoveries for him/herself.


The Montessori materials are ingeniously designed to give the child the opportunity to explore and learn about the world.

Mixed Age Classes

The three-year age span of these classes helps to create a community in which children feel a strong sense of belonging. Cooperation and collaboration flourish as children of various ages work together.  At the same time, children are given the freedom to choose to work on their own.  The Kindergarten children take on a leadership role in their final year in the program. Through the experience of mentoring the younger students, they develop confidence in themselves as leaders and as learners. The younger children learn a tremendous from their older classmates.

Three Year Program

The Primary program is a three-year program.  The curriculum is designed to meet the developing needs of students from three years through the Kindergarten year.

Class Size: 20-24

Adult/Student Ratio:  1/11

Age: 3 Years
T-F  Morning Session: 8:15-11:30

Age: 3 or 4 Years
M-F Morning Session: 8:15-11:30

Age: 5 years
M-F Morning Session: 8:15-12:30
or 8:15-3:00

Lunch Hour Option for
Primary Program
An optional lunch hour (11:30-12:30) is available for our Primary children who are 4 years old. Children will be enrolled for this additional hour on their regular schedules (4 day T-F and 5 day M-F.)  Lunch is brought from home and the children enjoy this special time with the lunch guides and their MCS friends.

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The Kindergarten Year

The Kindergarten year at MCS is encompassed in the 3-6 Primary Program.  It is the culmination of the preparation the children have had in the preschool years.  During this important year, when the child is moving from concrete to abstract learning, the program provides beautiful materials with which to explore and learn concepts through a hands-on approach.  The Kindergartners' excitement for learning is obvious to anyone spending time in the classrooms.

Confident Learners

As class mentors to the younger students in class, our Kindergartners develop a strong sense of themselves as leaders within the learning environment.  The Kindergarten children leave the Primary Program as confident learners filled with a joy of learning and a sense of their importance within the community.  We celebrate their completion of the Primary program with a touching graduation ceremony that marks their completion of the program.

A Lasting Impact

We have often heard that into high school and beyond, the Country School graduates consider the friends they made at Country School to be their nearest and dearest friends.  Our Kindergarten students experience a touching graduation ceremony that marks their completion of the program.

Kindergarten Schedule:
All Kindergarten students are registered Monday through Friday for a morning class, which includes the lunch hour.  Children bring their lunches from home and enjoy this social time with their classmates.

Full Day Option:
In addition to being here for their morning, there is an option for our Kindergarten students to extend their day to include 2, 3 or 5 full days.  The full day affords the students the benefit of more time with the Montessori materials and the opportunity to delve deeply into a project for a longer period of time than a half-day class allows.  It is wonderful to see the “big work” the children often choose on the days they are in class for a full day.

“The study of child psychology in the first years of life opens to our eyes such wonders that no one seeing them with understanding can be deeply stirred.  Our work as adults does not consist in teaching, but in helping the infant mind in its work of development”

- Maria Montessori