Maple Class March Update

Dear Families,

March was such a full experience – that beautiful week of sunny days, torrential downpours, and so much growth and accomplishment all around us.

This month, our all-elementary community took on the challenge of running a drive to support Mary’s Place and Fishline House. Students worked together to make posters and fliers, and on the final Friday of the month, sorted the donations and brainstormed how to be even more effective next time.

In our Maple community, we worked hard on the question of what it is to be a friend. We talked at community meetings about what friendship looks like and how to build friendships in and out of class. If your child was suddenly asking for more play dates, that’s a direct outgrowth of the students’ brainstorming.

Of course, it was lovely for us to meet with you all in conferences this month. It’s always a joy to discuss the challenges and successes of your children with you. We are so grateful to have each of them in our community, and it’s a pleasure to carve out that time to share with each other what we know about these young people. Thank you!

The children worked hard toward the end of the month in getting themselves ready to show some of what they know during Materials Night. It’s always so interesting to see what they offer the adults in their lives and to see the varying levels of confidence and presentation styles. Some of the children are clearly listening very carefully when we adults are talking!

As we look ahead to April, it’s clear that we are rapidly approaching the end of the year. There are so many new skills to practice and deepen! We’ll continue with the much-beloved handwork lessons, of course, along with jumping into new and exciting threads in all areas of the classroom. We’ll also be working hard to support the children in their new world of opportunities present in “going out.” These small, child-directed outings are starting to take off in a strong way. Look forward to hearing your child talk about the possibilities!

Happy Spring to all,

Joelle and Cley


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