Maple Class April Update

Dear Maple Families,

We have been motoring through this school year so quickly; it’s hard to imagine that it’s almost over! The children are such a lively, busy community that keeps growing and learning all the time in so many ways.

April was full of lessons and experiences. Hollind came in and beautifully presented to the students some necessary context before we set out on our field trips to the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial. The students were thoughtful and reflective, which showed up when we visited the memorial; our guides there commented many times on how reflective, attentive, and respectful the students were throughout their tour. The drop off view at the end of the dock really made a big impression with the children.

Our final Friday service activity split our elementary community into two big projects: maintaining the school’s nature trail and carrying necessary booth supplies all the way over past the duck pond in Battle Point Park. Both groups did beautifully despite the inherent challenges present – stinging nettles or carrying heavy objects a long distance!

The children are really working hard to make the most of our remaining few weeks together. We’re seeing so much growth in their confidence, skills, and delight. Big ideas for going outs – to the zoo! – and big research projects are leading the way, but they are quickly chased by big book writing projects and big math challenges. Spring energy is such a delightful thing to witness.

We are looking ahead to the excitement of finishing so many things! Arts night will be big news very soon, as will Elementary Portfolio Review days. Then, before you know it, it will be the big excitement of our final week together! Here we go!

Happy May,
Joelle and Cley

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