Madrona Class September Update

Dear Madrona Families,

Happy Fall everyone! It is hard to believe we have fully made the transition from summer to a school year in full swing and the beginning of fall. It has been a tremendous month, getting to know everyone and welcoming all the new Elementary students.

During the first week of school, we played many team building games and developed our community ground rules for the year, which the children named “The Pinky Promise.” We spent the first couple weeks getting into the swing of things, learning routines and procedures, not just of the classroom but in all community spaces. It can be a pretty exhausting first couple weeks adjusting to all that is new. The Madrona students did a lovely job serving as elders in the community, leading Welcome Groups (mixed with Maple students).

Within the Madrona classroom, we started the year with the First and Second Great Stories: The Story of the Universe and the Coming of Life. These lessons launched students into follow up in the areas of physical science and biology. Soon we will hear the Great Story of the Coming of Humans, that will begin our exploration of human history. As learners come back from the summer, we brush up on foundational math and geometry concepts, like the four operations and plane figures. They have been a curious group and are soaking up all the presentations! We introduced a modified goal tracking system and a new way to use their planners, which we touched on at Back to School Night. Ask your learner how using their planners and journals help them manage their time, or how that use has been going for them.

Our 6th years have begun learning about the United Nations in preparation for their participation in the Montessori Model UN in New York (March 20-23rd). They will be representing Senegal on both the Human Rights Council and SOCHUM (Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Issues) Committees. It will be an enriching experience this year for sure! Stay tuned for their fundraising endeavors to help get them there.

The first month included many celebrations as well, from the school-wide celebration of International Day of Peace on the 21st to our class birthdays–happy birthdays to Toby, Cayden, Solvei!

We look forward to a bustling fall: Literature Circle, the Fall Study, holiday and cultural celebrations. Stay tuned for news about potential field trips to MOHAI, the Battle Point Observatory, as well as the library. We hope to see you all at the Autumn Gathering on October 7th!

Jaclyn and Zach

The Pinky Promise

  1. Use an appropriate sound volume.
  2. Respect everything in the environment.
  3. Please be responsible and truthful.
  4. Move with safety and purpose.
  5. Be kind and caring.
  6. Help and support everyone.
  7. Focus on your work.
  8. Ask for consent.
  9. Respect and empower differences.
  10. Encourage inclusivity.
  11. Have fun and learn!

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