Madrona Class October Update

Madrona families,

October has been a full month! We’ve enjoyed many enriching lessons, follow-ups, community engagements, and field trips

Work in the classroom has centered around learning about the beginnings of life on Earth and situating the relatively small amount of time humans have existed on Earth. Students began endeavoring our Fall Curriculum study: birds of the Puget Sound. We visited the Library for resources and hope to have visiting speakers from the Audubon society. Madrona students learn about food webs and native bird ecosystems. Students had the opportunity to dissect owl pellets to investigate the food sources of owls. 6th years followed up our vertebrates study by dissecting a frog and showing classmates (those who were interested) the internal and external parts of a frog. We’ll continue delving into the study of local ecosystems in November. The study culminates the first weekend in December.

Another big first this month was our first Lit Circle of the year, students are in multi grade groups and reading selections from Hispanic American authors: Wonder, Esperanza Rising, and The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora. 

The 6th years continue their Model UN work and have zeroed in on studying the country they will represent: Senegal. The whole class will have the opportunity to learn about Africa and Senegal from family members who have lived in and work with communities in Africa. We feel so fortunate to invite our guest speakers!

This month we were also fortunate enough to make a trip to the Museum of History and Industry to learn about the history of Washington through the lens of innovation and industries. A special exhibit highlighted indigenous wisdom and science through time and how indigenous communities work to improve the environment and communities.

The last week of October we had the chance to plant trees at Battle Point as part of our monthly all-Elementary community service work. The trees were donated in honor of MCS’s 50th Anniversary. Ask your child where the MCS trees are!

In November, we will commemorate Indigenous Heritage Month by aligning our Early Human history with learning about the history of local indigenous communities, inviting Suquamish storytellers, and visiting the Suquamish Museum.

Looking ahead to another full Fall month with Conferences, the Lantern Walk, and continued Fall Study learning. Stop by the Book Fair during conferences too!

Jaclyn and Zach

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