Madrona Class February Update

Dear Madrona Families,

It’s hard to believe we are more than halfway through the school year! February always sneaks past us after the full month of January and the holidays that punctuate the month of February. It has been wonderful welcoming parent observations during the past month. If you have not had a chance to come in, please do reach out to Elaine or us to schedule a time.

This month we marked some important celebrations: happy “half” birthdays to Bee and Jude; Happy Lunar New Year; and Happy Mardi Gras. We have been weaving in stories about Black History in commemoration of Black History Month and will continue after the mid-winter break.

The children are integrating many skills and bringing practice to fruition, whether in the form of their play rehearsals, science experiments, writing about family history, recording math sequences for binomial squaring and cubing to algebraic expressions with negative numbers.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day by exchanging cards and crafts. Watching the whole Elementary open cards from one another is certainly joyful! Before the break we had the opportunity to visit the Battle Point Astronomical Association, tour the observatory, and learn about space. The president of BPAA, Frank, encouraged all children to check the BPAA website for their evening show schedule and to come back with families.

We wrapped up our Read Aloud and Lit Circle readings just in time for the break. If you would like to check out the film adaptation of your child’s Lit Circle book, that could be a fun family activity over the vacation!

The Madrona 6th years will travel to NYC March 18th-23rd to participate in the Montessori Model United Nations Conference. This conference culminates their year-long research and learning about the United Nations, the country of Senegal, and topics related to technology and human rights as well as indigenous rights. Cayden Wilson, Bee Allender, and Ari Glosser will represent Senegal in the SOCHUM and Human Rights Council Committees. They are raising funds for their trip. Please check out their GoFundMe page (, and please come out to the Island Cool frozen yogurt Friday, March 1st take over! 20% of the fro yo sales go towards the MMUN trip.

Finally, we are getting our space ready to welcome a leopard gecko! We hope to receive one from a local breeder in Port Orchard over the break.

We hope everyone enjoys some quality time with friends and family over the vacation and look forward to March and our transition to Spring.

Jaclyn and Zach

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