Our Elementary Program

Based upon the concept of cosmic education, the elementary program honors the child’s innate desire to explore, examine, and make sense of the world. The curriculum connects inter-related parts and helps the children to place themselves in the myriad fascinations of life.

The Materials

The Montessori materials are beautifully handcrafted and are displayed on low, open shelves. These unique materials are tools to stimulate the child into logical thought and discovery. Each piece of material has a specific purpose and is presented in a manner that will enable children to direct their own learning.

Each piece presents one concept or idea at a time and has what is known as a “control of error.” If the child has done something incorrectly, it will be self-evident. The geometric shape, for example, won’t fit the hole; or the last label will not match the last picture. In this way, children learn to work with increasing independence, taking control and responsibility for their own learning.

The Great Lessons

The Great lessons are connected stories that span the enormous historical frames of time and space. They serve as a starting point for further exploration and as a spark to illuminate the majesty of the world around the child and the possibility of the child’s potential as an active and important agent of change.


Class Size:

Lower Elementary:
Grades 1-3

Upper Elementary:
Grades 4-6

Adult/Student Ratio:

Monday- Friday 8:00-3:00

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“The study of child psychology in the first years of life opens to our eyes such wonders that no one seeing them with understanding can be deeply stirred.  Our work as adults does not consist in teaching, but in helping the infant mind in its work of development”

- Maria Montessori