Cedar Class September Update

Hello Cedar Families!

We have enjoyed a joyful and busy month in the Cedar classroom, with friendships new and old growing stronger and a peaceful balance coming to our daily work cycle.  Our kindergartners are learning to take the lead, offering assistance to our youngest ones with coats and shoes, and stretching their wings trying bigger and more challenging works which the younger ones find most intriguing.

Our focus this past month was first and foremost on building community and trust, through some additional  large circle time singing, dancing and sharing stories together.  Our youngest students are learning to navigate the classroom, and taking ownership of their classroom through practical life works including plant watering, flower arranging, window washing, dusting and many other activities.

In September we also began our study of the Earth, looking at land, water and air, and learning how these elements interact and sustain all life. Teacher Kate also created a lovely “weather watching” work for the children to track the weather throughout the day.  Our shared snack is also off to a great start, as is our community lunch at one large table—set with napkins and fresh flowers by the children!  Kate brings extra wonder and delight to our “lunch bunch” hour through poetry read-alouds along with her always spirited conversation.

We were also quite busy in September with birthday celebrations for our late summer and early Fall birthdays, and thank all of the parents able to join us for  their child’s celebrations in our classroom.  Our other highlights in September included Teacher Shirley as our first Mystery Reader of the year, followed by Meghan.  The children are quite excited about this weekly surprise!  The schedule for parents to sign up will be coming out in mid-October.

In October , we will be learning about land forms, biomes and looking at how different animals survive and thrive in different climates.  Our studies will also include a broad look at our own Cosmic address, and how each one of us has a unique address.

Our art work this past month included easel work with  tempera paint, rubbings and pom pom making, and we will expand into printmaking and weaving this month.  Our culinary adventures in October will include bread baking and homemade applesauce, as we learn more about harvest time and the tremendous work people do all around the world to produce the food we eat every day.

Lastly, thank you to all of you for bringing your children to school every day!

Kate and I are feeling tremendous gratitude for our time in Cedar with your sweet-natured and inquisitive children this year and thank you again for sharing them with us!

Mary and Kate

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