Cedar Class October Update

Hello Cedar Families!

We have had a colorful and exciting month in the Cedar Classroom, growing stronger as a community and building friendships through a variety of Fall studies and special art activities with Teacher Kate.  We made applesauce together, studied the life cycle of pumpkins, planted our mini garden with bulbs, and investigated leaves. With Halloween on our minds, we enjoyed special art projects led by Kate in ghost rubbings, paper chain making, and worked on our scissor skills with 3-d black cats.  We also learned our Cosmic Address. We began with a look at the Milky Way, then our Solar System, our planet, our continent, our country, state, island, school, child and finally, an atom.

Our Mystery Reader series continued on to everyone’s delight with special appearances by Audrey’s nannie, Sherry (“Wow Wow”), Sonya’s mom, Rachel, and Isa’s special friend, Magaly. Magaly surprised everyone with a colorful costume and a reading of Dia de los Muertos, which the children greatly enjoyed. Thank you to you all for sharing your time, happy energy, and stories with us!

Our final week of October included a closer look at the Earth and the continent of North America through research into our “continent box” and photos.

We also began our study of animals, and will be delving deeper into understanding the animal kingdom in different ways: invertebrate vs. invertebrate, carnivore vs, herbivore, and diurnal/nocturnal.  We will learn about  biomes and habitats too, and how different animals thrive in different environments.

Our cultural studies will be ramping up as we begin November learning about Dia de los Muertos and then Diwali in mid-November.  Please reach out if you are interested in coming in as a guest speaker to share your stories about these holidays or other upcoming holidays important to your family!

Thank you, as always, for sharing your curious and loving children with us every day.

Mary and Katie

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