Welcome to the Salal Class!

Welcome Salal families!

Cheryl and I have been busy organizing, gathering materials and putting the last touches on what will soon be a vibrant, engaging and “cozy” classroom. All we need now are your children’s smiling faces. We have 21 students in our class; Six kindergarten students ages 5-5.5; three very soon to be 5 yr olds; five 4 yr olds; two, oh so close, 4 yr olds; two 3.5 yr olds; three 3 yr olds, and finally, one 2.5 yr old. Phew, I’m tired already!

Cheryl and I are happy to be reunited for our second year as a teaching team. Cheryl has been a teacher at MCS for many years. She enjoys following student interests, teaching with the beautiful Montessori materials, and pursuing outdoor education opportunities. She values the rich traditions of Montessori Country School, while still allowing for spontaneity. She has a gift for meeting the children where they are emotionally and academically.

This will be my third year as a classroom assistant. I have worked with children both as a substitute teacher and a museum educator. As the children are discovering their interests, I enjoy teaching and learning alongside them. I love children’s literature and share my excitement for books with students! I try to give your child the freedom and guidance to grow and develop without interference (unless safety is an issue!). I am awed by their independence and confidence as they navigate the classroom and hope they take that with them out into the world.

This year we will focus on care of self and the community, with emphasis on grace and courtesy. We’ll be studying northwest flora and continuing our continent studies, beginning with Asia. We will also incorporate the study of ancient life, including fossils and dinosaurs, as we learn about the continents. We are always flexible to pursue student’s interests as the year progresses.

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We value your input and want to communicate in any form, preferably; text, email, phone, carrier pigeon. You can email Cheryl at: cheryl.dauber@mcsbi.org and Ellie at: ellie.montaperto@mcsbi.org.

Ellie and Cheryl

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