MCS 6th grader creates a community resource about invasive species

We are pleased to share the final product from a student’s Sixth Grade Project!

Eli chose to work with the community organization, Weed Warriors, a group within Sustainable Bainbridgefor his year-long 6th grade school project. He created this brochure about “The Sneaky Seven” and we invite you to print it out.

From Eli: “I’m a sixth grader at Montessori country school and I spent this year focusing on the removal of noxious weeds around the island. I chose this project because I’m interested in keeping the forest healthy and free of invasive species. I hope my brochure helps educate people about the species they should pull to keep our forests healthy.”
We invite you to yank up any of the “Sneaky Seven” found in this useful brochure next time you go for a walk.
The Sneaky Seven