Make Your Gift!

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Opening New Doors campaign.

Please download the Opening New Doors Pledge Form, if you would like to mail in your donation or pledge. Use the form below to donate online. Naming opportunities are available for many of the new campus features, download our Recognition Opportunities overview to learn more.

MCS Opening New Doors Capital Campaign Funds

Dorothy King Founder Fund

This fund is named in honor of MCS’s founder, Dorothy King. The original preschool building will hold her name as we acknowledge the role Dorothy played in history of our school and in the lives of many Country School children in the early days of MCS.

Voyager Elementary Alum Fund

The Voyager Alum Fund will honor VMES and the past students, teachers and families who attended the school. Our future elementary building will be named the Voyager Building to honor the elementary program’s past and the role the school had in developing a Montessori Elementary program on Bainbridge Island.

Country School Kid Fund (General)

The Country School Kid fund is for all past and present students and friends of MCS. The rich history of our school has been made possible by the many friends and families that have come through the doors of our school and we cherish this community we have built together. The future is bright for MCS and with your help, many more children can experience a Montessori education as a Country School kid!

Grandparent Gifts

Grandparents play a vital role in the lives of young children. If you are a grandparent to a Country School student or alum, we would love to include you in this campaign. Your gift will provide support to a project that will benefit not only your grandchild(ren), but their friends and families as well. We hope you will join us as we work to build our Montessori program to serve the many children of the West Sound region.


Commons $400,000
Children’s House Building $200,000 (FUNDED)
Preschool Building $200,000 (FUNDED)
Elementary Building $200,000 (RESERVED)
Arts Building $100,000 (FUNDED)
Preprimary Classroom Huckleberry $75,000
Primary Classroom Salal $75,000
Primary Classroom Cedar $75,000
Primary Classroom Spruce $75,000
Elementary Classroom Maple $75,000
Elementary Classroom Madrona $75,000
Community Kitchen $50,000
Parent Lounge $50,000
Elementary Playground $50,000
Children’s House Playground $50,000
Orchard $25,000
Community Green $25,000