A Welcome Letter from Sarah and Zach

Dear Maple Families,
I hope y’all have had a lovely summer. I know that heat wave was pretty intense, even for Molly (my dog) and my southern blood. We stayed cool at MCS making sure our environment is beautiful and ready for your children to join us. Our summer was filled with art, camping, and a surprise trip to Texas.

Hello everyone! My name is Zach and I’m excited to join you all this year. I spent my summer rekindling a passion for reading and fiction, loving every page in the realm of horror / sci fi. Between pages, my wife, Aubrey – our two cats and I would practice and perfect our culinary skills. We also managed to consume entirely too much content on Netflix and Prime Video. I look forward to learning everyone’s names and faces and starting our school year together!

As Zach and I finalize our schedule for the year, we eagerly await the arrival of our MCS families. Our days will be filled with developing skills beyond Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Science, and History. We are so thrilled to expand on our extracurriculars from last year. We will continue to do Art with Isobel, Music
with Angie, Growth Mindset with me, and PE. In addition, this year our very own Elizabeth will be coming over to the Elementary side to teach our students yoga and Zach will be taking over Outdoor Ed.
Looking forward to reuniting with those returning and getting to know new faces!
Sarah, Zach, and Molly