A Welcome Letter from Jaclyn and Joelle

Dear Madrona Families,

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! We are thrilled to meet our 4th years on September 1st, and to bring everyone back together on September 2nd. There will be many new members of not only our class but of the all-Elementary community. It will definitely be a fun first couple weeks of school! We have been planning activities with the Maple class and are excited for a fun first couple weeks of school getting to know each other.

Jaclyn and Joelle

From Jaclyn:

This summer we set out to relax and lay low on the Island, but it turned out to be a very busy, yet fun and active, summer after all. Our family went on three camping trips this summer: car camping with friends on the Washington Coast and two backpacking trips in the Olympic National Park. We loved picking salmonberries on long treks to our campsite, jumping in lakes to escape mosquitoes and heat, combing the beaches for rock treasures, running from Pacific waves, and dipping toes in the moraine lake off the Anderson Glacier. In between camping trips, we hosted friends who visited from Virginia and California. Showing them around the area, we got to do some of our favorite activities, like running through the bunkers at Fort Worden in the dark, walking Gazzam and Fort Ward trails, or picnicking at Blakely Harbor. For our daughters’ birthday (shared on August 14th), we ventured to Tacoma to the Museum of Glass and the WA History Museum. It was so cool to see a team of artists blow glass, in person. Best of all was probably the lazy, late evenings chatting in the grass as the sun went down. As the summer winds down and our schedules become more routine, we are so ready to go back to school! Our family is very much looking forward to being with friends and colleagues again.

From Joelle:

My summer was chock-full of island time. Because I was absolutely set on commuting to school on bike, I spent a lot of time riding the route to get stronger. You may have noticed this yourself, but if you haven’t, I can tell you that there are quite a few hills between Winslow and MCS!

When I wasn’t riding my bike back and forth and back and forth, we tried to squeeze as much time as possible with our older child. She is off to New York University this year for her first year of college, so all four of us wanted to make sure we prioritized that family time. While that did end up meaning we drove her to friends’ houses more often than I had anticipated, we also made sure to do all her favorite island activities, like taking frozen yogurt from Island Cool down to the beach, and strolling along Winslow, ducking into shops as we went. I was especially pleased that I managed to fit in a trip out to the Elwha River with both of my kids, as it had been far too long since we’d gone out adventuring. The bridge washout there meant we didn’t get to swim, but wading in the shallow, still waters made for a perfect summer memory.

This fall is bringing so much change in my household, but I am so excited to be joining you all for the school year ahead.