September Update from the Cedar Class

Hello Cedar Families,

This past month, the children have been adjusting to being in a classroom with 19 other children, all having the freedom to choose what they will spend their time doing for the morning work cycle. This is not always an easy adjustment for some of our children, however, with lessons, guidance, and observing their peers,  the children are settling in and finding enjoyment in the works that they choose.

At the beginning of the year, there were not a great deal of materials on our shelves so that ground rules could be introduced.  Now, more materials are out and soon our shelves will be full with the beautiful Montessori materials as well as support materials.

The first few weeks of school we spend a great deal of time helping the children learn ground rules and grace and courtesy.  This includes walking in the classroom, using our quieter inside voices, saying hello and goodbye, waiting for a turn to talk, etc.

We have talked about our Galaxy and Solar System and are now talking about the earth and its layers.

In the following weeks, we will continue to learn more about the planet we live on as we read and talk about the basic elements of the earth (land, air, and water), land forms, volcanoes, living and non-living, and plant and animal.

We often support our units of study with songs.

We will be sending the words for some of them home in the children’s folders.  They would love for you to sing along with them.  We would be delighted to share the tunes with you.

Be sure to look at the Cedar photos to see what we have been doing this past month!


Shirley and Mary






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