A Note from an MCS parent

A note from Britt,MCS alum and current parent 

Dear MCS Parents,

I sat at the dinner table with my parents last week after the Capital Campaign party, both of them reflecting on their experience as MCS parents in 1985. I shared with them what I had learned at the Kickoff Party, and the incredible feelings that came with walking the grounds and literally seeing the footprints of a school transforming from vision to reality. I was surprised by the amount of emotion that accompanied my walk through the woods. Thinking about the school undergoing a major change brought the prickling awareness of decades passing, images of the school as I remember it as a child, and thoughts about my parents aging and my children aging (not to mention my own aging! gasp!). Then, simultaneously, I found myself profoundly grateful for this school and its small, growing footprint on the planet.

In my line of work as a therapist, and as a parent, I see the importance of early social, emotional, and physical nurturing. I marvel at the great care that must be taken to build a strong foundation of these for each unique child. It then becomes plainly clear to me, all of that hinges on having a community of educators and other parents who anchor to a common goal: providing nurturing space and community for children to discover their capacity as individuals and as members of a group.  This is, and always has been, where MCS excels as an institution. To this point in time, its limitation has been its size and integration of the campuses. Knowing that my contribution to the Opening New Doors campaign edges our community closer to having an integrated campus with vastly expanded opportunities for our community and kids is thrilling. This is what our donations are all about: building foundations…for our school…for our kids…for our community…for our future.

I hope you will consider joining me in supporting our school. Thank you.