A Lasting Impact

Reflections and words from students, parents, and friends of Montessori Country School

I just wanted to take a second to say thank you for the wonderful program you're giving the children. [My child] was burbling with huge excitement because today was a Kids Can Cook day. He gave me the play by play and fixed us all little cups of granola as soon as he got home. It's so thrilling to see the genuine skills and confidence that he's building. Good stuff!!

I can't say it enough, you put together such interesting, meaningful specialists. I really appreciate it! So many great experiences contained within the school day and so many wonderful adult models pass through our kids' lives.
-A.W., Current Parent


… after driving home from leaving our firstborn at college, I kept coming back to the feeling that he is so fortunate to have landed at such a great school, in such a great learning environment in no small part because of the care and attention he/we/all of us received from his educators and his community; and MCS was the genesis of ALL of it.

Even after all these years away from MCS, I still find myself grateful for the experience.  MCS set our entire family on a path that is still paying dividends today.
-K.M., Alum Parent


[Our child’s] transition to Woodward has gone very well, and I'm so grateful we had time with MCS - everything he learned in terms of organization and thinking and routine is shining through.
-C.T., Alum Parent


Why does it seem that the most important words seem to be left unsaid? For so long, we have wanted to tell you how much we have enjoyed our association with Montessori Country School. What a wonderful learning atmosphere our children thrived in during their first years. We know that our children learned not only the rudiments of academics, but more importantly, the sense of community, the feeling of awe and wonder, and “the love of learning.” We could go on and on about the many attributes of the Montessori education but what the boys gained from their time at MCS had more to do with the school and atmosphere, your leadership, the teachers, and other students and parents. In other words, you created a “village” to help raise our children.
-S.C. & E.C., Alum Parents


Thank you for the special individual attention you gave me and all the other parents working through their rocky paths. It was like having a rare wind lift all the faces of flowers that had bent over so that I could see how the field could look – Look, this is where you are going!
-S.P. & M.M., Alum Parents

My experience at the Montessori Country School was the foundation for my future academic success. The Montessori system was ideal for my early education because it encouraged individual exploration. I learned at my own pace and never felt pressure to keep up with (or slow down for) other students.  I didn't even realize there was a continuum of achievement.  Instead I just remember the Montessori classroom as a playground of activities and my classmates as my group of friends.  The wall of books provided an endless supply of increasingly interesting reading material that I was able to enjoy at my own breakneck pace.  As a very artistic child, it was magical to have art celebrated on an equal level as all other activities.  I think it was the highly structured format of the Montessori classroom that gave me the support I needed to take greater and greater academic risks.
-C.A., Alum Student



Just briefly, the biggest thing I remember experiencing on a deeply emotional and tangibly physical level was that with all the bustle and the worry about the latest thing for kids, the tone at MCS was always that there is time.  There is enough time, and in fact it is important to make enough time, for the kids to come to understanding on their own path, with gentle guidance.
-M.M., Alum Parent


An unexpected benefit of MCS is the accessibility and thoughtfulness of the teaching staff when it comes to their relationships with parents. I had no doubt about the competence of my children’s teachers as instructors. However, I was taken aback by how proactive they were in making me feel as though I’m included in the education of my children. A week into school, my son’s teacher called to check in and to see if I, as a new parent, had any questions. I was, frankly, taken aback by how well he seemed to know my son. He walked me through the schedule of a typical day, how my son was adjusting to the social climate of the classroom, and what areas he hoped to work on in the coming weeks. He had both the patience for and answers to my numerous questions.
-A.G., Current Parent


As parents, it is our deepest hope that our children will grow to know themselves as powerful citizens of the world and find happiness in the contributions they can make to society. Your program has not only nurtured a great love of learning in J, but has given her the sense of possibility….of the impact one girl can have on her community. For that, we thank you.
-R.B. & A.B., Alum Parents


On a daily basis I have been both humbled and inspired by your collective caring and gentleness. The small acts kind of kindness you all have shown on a daily basis take work. They are big, meaningful acts of generosity. I am so thankful for your generosity of spirit, and thankful that L and G have had the opportunity to be nourished by it.
JS, Current Parent