A “Going Out” Adventure

In the MCS Elementary program, students have the option of extending their learning beyond the classroom walls by participating in “Going Out” excursions. These trips off campus allow students to conduct research, visit special sites, and connect their classroom learning to the wider community. There are limitless options for Going Out experiences and students have support from both teachers and parents to make these special outings possible.

If a students chooses to pursue a Going Out, they must follow a checklist to prepare accordingly. The student is responsible for researching the information required to fulfill the trip such as transportation information (bus schedule, cost, etc.) , the information needed to visit the chosen location (hours, location, cost of entry, etc.), and if funds are required, they may work with the MCS staff to create a plan to fundraise. It is an involved process but the students gain skills as they research, plan, and finally navigate their way to their final destination. In the end, the experience is both educational and fun for the student and there’s a great sense of satisfaction for having worked to fulfill the goal of going out.

In this post we’ll join two elementary students as they head to the Columbia Tower Observatory in Seattle following their research on notable buildings.